Aurora Road

Chapter 1:

It was a beautiful night. The stars were twinkling and my wife so beautiful, dancing at the party. I just stood and admired her infectious glow. It was getting late. I was walking around saying goodbye to everyone. My wife was near the exit waiting for me patiently. I was on my way to say goodbye to the hosts of the party and young woman decided to come to me and dance. I was looking for my wife, but she was in the distance. I didn’t want to be rude and blow her off, but I also didn’t want to upset my wife. I had no intentions with the young lady. It seemed she was just having a good time and wanted to dance with anyone that walked by her. I danced with her a bit and thanked her for the dance. She asked if I was feeling lonely tonight. I told her “not a all, I have a beautiful wife waiting for me. I smiled and walked away. I said my goodbyes to the host and met up with my wife. I held her as we walked on the sidewalk. It was a nice and cool night. There was an overhang over the sidewalk and through an opening I saw a massive moon. It was frighteningly gigantic. It filled the entire sky. I just could not believe what I was looking at. To the right of the moon there was an aurora borealis. I was absolutely stunned by its beauty that I started to tear up. I was equally terrified because I could not comprehend why this was happening. I shouted at my wife “hurry up and pull out your phone!” We both stumbled to grab our phones. We kept walking to get out of the covered sidewalk so we can get a better view. It disappeared! I could not believe it! I didn’t understand. My wife was a little further ahead of me but I could see the confused look on her face.  I walked back to the covered sidewalk to look through the opening, maybe it was a prank of some type. I looked up but nothing was there. I still had my phone recording. My wife yelled “what the hell is going on?” By the time I was going to respond, I saw an opening of space in the sky. Light was bending around it, an imperfect circle. I pointed my phone at it. Suddenly, a giant meteor shot out of the circle, engulfed in flames. It was going to hit to the right of us. “If this is real…. We are all going to die..” I muttered to myself. The meteor smashed onto the ground and I could see the shockwave create a tsunami of dirt. I looked straight ahead towards my wife and screamed as loud as I could “I love you!!” I couldn’t get to her, I knew we were going to die and that’s all I could do in my last moment. Darkness engulfed my existence. Followed by a serene silence that I have nor heard before. I started to float down. I see light. I see the same aurora light. I was floating down towards it. It was a type of road. A road made out of soothing light. I landed on it. I looked around in confusion. I could hear people’s voices. In the distance there was a type of station, I walked up to it. There was a table full of sweets. Muffins, to chocolates, to donuts, to pan dulces and even sweets from all over the world. There was a note, please check in. The only thought I had was what I thought my wife would want. I picked out a piece of chocolate, she loves chocolate. “This stuff has so much sugar, its quite bad for you” said by a ladies voice. I looked up and told her “aren’t we dead? Does it matter anymore?” She got a confused look and walked away. Someone shouted out in the distance, you need to fill out the paperwork. I looked at the paperwork and I found my wifes name on there! I was so happy! I have to hurry so I can catch up to her. “Grandma, where are we?” a familiar voice behind me. I turned around. It was my mom and dad… and my niece. I cried out “Ah Ma!” her face had a sad and concerned look and I held her and my dad and my niece. I told them it’s going to be alright. We all cried together for a couple minutes. “What happened?” my mom asked. “We died, a big meteor hit our planet, I saw this aurora, where we are standing before it did. I think it was already planned out. We have to check in over there”

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