Out of Reach

Out of Reach

I woke up with tears streaming down my cracked face. My chest aches and my stomach in turmoil. I woke up feeling lost and confused. I’m not sure what had happened. I got up and walked around in this old mansion of mine.  Lights are dimmed and the temperature is cold. I can’t seem to figure what is going on. I don’t know what to do but to wander this mansion. I go from room to room…looking for something…but I do not know what. My heart seems to ache more and more. I can’t seem to get rid of it.

I hear voices…I hear laughter and I hear echoes of the past. I hear a door slammed in the distance. My adrenaline rushes through my veins! I run in desperation towards the sound! I must go faster, I must see what is going on in this old mansion of mine. I’ve reached the closed door. I pause. I tremble. The door seems to be staring, no, something behind the door seems to be staring at my soul. My hands shake towards the handle. I slightly open the door, but it’s so heavy… I struggle to get it open. I smell hints of lavender and dust. I stop. Every fiber in my being is screaming at me to stop! I take a step back. Why? I hear a bark at the end of my old mansion. I turn around.

The bark sounds faint. I quickly investigate. Is there a dog in my old mansion? The barks are becoming more high pitched. It sounds like it’s in pain. I must find it so I can help it. It sounds so familiar but I don’t know why. ” Where are you, little dog?” Why can’t I find you in this old mansion of mine? I can almost hear it run around. The little tips and taps are echoing through the hallways. I hear another sound. I hear a little girl. My chest starts to ache even further. My knees are starting to buckle. Where is she? I push through and continue checking each room in this old mansion of mine.

I hear another door slam shut by me. I turn as fast as I can. It was the french doors leading out to the back patio. I look and there is a woman. A pale woman, with unclean and matted black hair covering her face. She’s holding a small child, not much older than 2 years. The little girl is screaming and her eyes. Oh god…her eyes. Pure fear that only an adult could comprehend. Fear that no child should be able to fathom! The woman vanishes! I can’t seem to open the doors, they are locked. Out of desperation, I kicked open the doors. The glass explodes. I run through it. Where is she?!

I see her! She ran back in the house through the side entrance. I run up to the door, but it’s also locked. I’m filled with furious anger and desperation! I bash the door, over and over until I break through. She runs through the main family room. I’m running as fast as I can. As I am running I hear a bark, I look to my right and notice a dog. I stop as if nothing else existed besides that dog. The dog was leading me to a fireplace. The dog turned around, faced the fireplace and then turned his face towards me. I don’t know what to do. There is a horrible feeling but something is whispering that there is nothing I can do. The dog whimpers. I begin to reach out my hand towards him. My hand trembles slowly towards his face. The dog nudges his face closer to my hand. The dog starts to deteriorate right in front of me. It is now ash…

I stare emptily at the fireplace. My heart aching. Tears falling to the floor. There is a void and I seem to be drifting towards it. Insanity calls my name. I hear a girls laughter. I turn around and see the little girl. She’s walking around with nothing but a diaper. I walk slowly up and follow her. My heart fills with absolute joy. I don’t have the ability to utter a single word. She’s waddling along the hallway of this old mansion of mine. She leads me to the door that was too heavy for me to open. She pushes it wide open. My eyes start to water, my knees are starting to buckle, my heart is sinking further into oblivion. I follow this little girl in the room. I now realize this room belongs to her. There are pictures of her, there are toys everywhere for her. The room is full of dead flowers, lavenders. She turns around and faces me. Her eyes beautiful, the color of dark honey and just as sweet. I pick her up and hold her tightly. My heart filled with joy once more!! I look at her and she smiled and laughed. My hairs stand up. My soul is being ripped apart. She is starting to get younger and younger. She is now a newborn, and now…now she’s gone… I fall to my knees and scream as hard as I could. The anguish is unbearable!

I woke up with tears streaming down my cracked face.

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